Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use acids such as salicylic, lactic, glycolic etc. to remove by peeling the top
layer or stratum corneum of the epidermis resulting in significant benefits to the look and feel
of the skin.  Application of sunscreen daily following a chemical peel and many other
procedures on the skin is very important for protection against damaging sun rays. A series
of treatments produces the best results.
Jessner Facial Peel
The Jessner peel is designed to exfoliate the top
layers of the epidermis. The benefits of  this peel
include skin rejuvenation and textural acneic
conditions, reduces hyperpigmentation  (in lighter
complexions) and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.
It is applied from 1-7 layers depending upon skin
type and result desired.  Peeling will occur for up to
7 days and skin will look outstanding.  Series of 3
peels is recommended for best results.

Treatment Time: 60 minutes
depending on number of layers       $150.00 up
TCA/Vitamin A Skin Refining Peel
This advanced, results oriented skin
rejuvenation treatment progressively lifts,
smooths and exfoliates the skin.  A wide
variety of skin types and concerns can
benefit from this treatment. Peeling will occur  
for up to 7 days and skin will be firmer and
toned. Series of 3 or more sessions is
recommended for best results.

Treatment Time: 45 minutes         $125.00

Series of 3 sessions to be done as
Esthetician prescribes -to be prepaid $300.00