Waxing Services
Waxing unwanted hair growth will allow the hair
to grow back without a stubble as it does when
you shave the area.  Hair  removed by waxing
will grow back in 3-4 weeks.  The appropriate
type of wax will be used for the area to be
treated.  Tweezing may also be required.
Make-Up Application and Consultation
Make-up will enhance your appearance
and can also be corrective to cover up flaws
and blemishes. Our estheticians can help you
with the correct selection of make up and also
teach you how to apply make-up.

Lesson                          $45.00
Prom/Night out             $35.00/up
$50.00 Waxing Services
Brow arch
Lip or chin
Full face
Bikini line
Arms Upper/Lower
Legs Upper/Lower
Eyelash Extensions
A semipermanent procedure in which indivdual
synthetic lashes are applied to each individual
eyelash creating a natural and beautiful
extension to your own lashes.  We use the
Shavasana lashes which are made in a variety
of colors and lengths so you can go as natural
or as dramatic as you feel.  Touch up
appointments are suggested every 2 weeks.

Initial application          $75.00/up
Touch up                    $30.00/up
Ear Piercing
Ear piercing is done in a sterile manner by a
certified esthetician.  The procedure cost
includes your choice of studs and post ear
piercing solution.  Pain is minimal.

Treatment time is 30 minutes           $30.00